Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time

I grew up in a house in the 90s with a Playstation: the first one, back before they were called PS Ones. It was a chunky, funky boy which was tragically given away by my mother, leading me to fight the constant temptation in adulthood to buy another one. (I did buy a Playstation 2 a couple of years ago to scratch the itch.) The game I loved the most as a kid was definitely Crash Bandicoot 2.

Some kids had Nintendo and Mario, but for me, Crash was the introduction to playing video games. (Well, that and the frankly awesome Alien Trilogy game which was definitely not suitable for kids but which I played anyway.)

Pew pew!

Anyway. I was extremely excited for the new Crash game, although to be fully honest I still haven’t finished the original trilogy remasters on account of them being absolutely, horrifically difficult. That said, the new game offered an option where dying in the level would always take you back to last checkpoint, rather than making you return to the start of the level. I am not exaggerating when I say that, on some levels, I died almost 300 times.

The grind is still there. I don’t play many platformers these days- I incline more towards narrative-heavy games, often RPGs, or simulation games. I had almost forgotten the crushing lows of being stuck at a tricky bit on a level. With them, of course, comes the dizzying highs when you succeed. Amazing.

The game is good. I enjoyed it immensely, despite a couple of rage quits. It looks gorgeous and it’s got that 90s nostalgia by the bucket. It has all of the box-smashing, wildly-spinning goodness you remember, but manages to change up the formula with the addition of new masks, who each grant you a weird power like slowing time or turning off gravity.

The story is more engaging than you’d expect and the whole thing is charming, comforting and a whole lot of fun if this sort of game is your thing. If not, you might find it far too stressful for words. It’s definitely the sort of game where you need to play a level several times, and it encourages you then to complete time trials and ‘inverted’ versions of each level (which I didn’t do, because we don’t aim for 100% in this house).

I really like the characters- Crash Bandicoot is largely a brainless, box-kicking lad who doesn’t really seem to grasp what is happening around him, and his sister Coco is the brains of the operation. I always loved Coco as a kid, and being able to play as her instead is cool. Tawna Bandicoot, who in the earlier games is Crash’s slightly dull girlfriend, appears in this as an absolute badass. I love Cortex, and his whole arc in this game was fun, if predictable.

I would absolutely recommend this game. Lighthearted, often frustrating fun.

One thought on “Video Game Review: Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time

  1. mehsi January 26, 2021 / 10:52 am

    Great review! I love the Crash Bandicoot games~ Should really play them again!


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